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Over the past several years Rob has worked with several large companies, helping them reach their goals, increasing productivity and profits.  He has worked closely alongside the proprietors and is currently a partner in 3 companies.


Following his passion, Rob has begun working with individuals, helping them to succeed in the same way. Shifting his focus from Business Coaching to Life Coaching, he has partnered with MindShift Healing Life Coaching so he can continue to pursue his passion of helping even more people. 

Rob has worked alongside Tina Thomas from MindShift Healing for over 5 years now and has helped Tina build her company from the ground up. He is an amazing father to his two children and strategist when it comes to problem-solving any issue that comes up. His guidance has elevated the lives of many to where they are today.  

 "Rob is the kind of guy that you want to listen to, you'll learn something" 

Simply put, Rob offers the confidence, understanding, and perception to help you clarify your direction and achieve your goals. He comes highly recommended to anyone who wants to get moving in their careers or find balance in their personal lives.

Rob currently offers a free initial consultation (he'll give you up to an hour of his time!!)

"As a strategic thinker, I provide solutions and direction to navigate through the fog of distraction so you will be more in control of your decision-making and attract what you desire most.


As your Life Coach, I will show you how to lose your baggage and take on new risks, to identify your weaknesses and strengths so you can optimize your effect on the world and those within it. Be confident, letting your natural abilities and talents shine through in all of your pursuits and easily manifest your goals because of it.


Through working with me, my clients have rekindled their relationships, become better parents to their children, found passion in their careers, happiness and fulfillment in their lives and have rediscovered their purpose."

To find out more about who I am 
and what I can do for you,

I invite you to reach out.

Please check out my Facebook page

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