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  • I love his mind. Rob is the most thorough thinker I've ever met. You can always hear him say 'there are 16 solutions to any problem' and with that perspective and attitude, how can you lose? It's impossible with Rob, he's all about success and if you enlist his help, he'll find a solution for you. AND, on top of that, he's always smiling, super approachable, committed to helping others and very easy to talk to - about anything. Did I mention he's a great strategist? Ok, enough, go talk to him and let him help you take a BIG step forward in your life.

    Tina M. Thomas


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About The Strong Suit Consulting

Providing solutions and direction to navigate through the fog of distraction

Over the past several years Rob has worked with several large companies, helping them reach their goals, increasing productivity and profits. He has worked closely alongside the proprietors and is currently a partner in 3 companies.