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Trusting in yourself and your partner can often be second-guessed. Identifying better ways to backcheck what is truly going on and believing in yourself and your partner again are key to getting your lives back on track. I offer an unbiased perspective on your specific situation. My aim is to rekindle what once was and provide guidance moving forward.

Your Relationship Blueprint

  • Identify your love language
  • Evaluate your perspective and identify expectations that aren’t being met.
  • Learn to use tools such as the couple communication dialog and examine the Crazy 8 Cycle while learning how to stop it in its tracks.
  • Create a Relationship Blueprint that you and your partner can follow to rebuild the relationship you desire most.
  • This can be done working one-on-one or in joint sessions.


Coaching Services and Courses:

The Strong Suit Consulting offers Relationship Coaching services across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and also remotely available all across Canada and the USA.

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