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Thrive Personal Growth Coaching Program

In the fight to carve out the best possible life for yourself and the ones you care for most, you will find the path of least resistance is one where you have access to knowledge and guidance.

The skills you will learn in this course will provide you with a new way to navigate life, relationships, career and gain purpose. You will find happiness in what you do and the personal motivation to achieve your goals and desires.

Shift the way you live right now by taking the first step. Book a free intro session with Robert Main, who will answer the questions you have and guide you on the next steps to driving your goals, desires, achieving your passion in this life, and moving forward with confidence and a new sense of awareness.

The world can be a gift shop if you want it to be.


We use these tools to build a happier existence as we hurtle through space on the most fascinating rock in our solar system. We may be small and insignificant in some grander picture of things but today, right now, you are the most important thing going on in the universe. So what are you doing with your time? How do you make the most of it? Are you wasting it?

Why this Course

How did I find such great success when just 5 years prior I had been completely ruined? These are the steps I took to reinvent myself. Allow happiness to find the deepest parts of my being, design the future I had wished for and to love life every step along the way. I was able to release the triggers and anchors holding me back to become unstuck with a defined vision of what life should be.

This course is for anyone that wants to take advantage of the air they breathe today. Make the most out of each day and build a future that can proudly be shared.


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The Strong Suit Consulting offers Personal Life Coaching Courses across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and also remotely available all across Canada and the USA.

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