Goal-Oriented Coaching

Career Coach in Canada

Life Coaching is all about having someone in your corner who helps you navigate the challenges that life throws at you. With my guidance, family, friends, co-workers and partners will all see you in a new light and you will have deeper more meaningful relationships.

Who is the Best Ceo of Your Life? Create the best version of yourself

  • Define how you currently make decisions then transform into a growth mindset
  • Identify the 8 categories of life and build a plan to uplevel each one
  • Design your purpose and passion in life. Create self motivation and accountability
  • Create a strategy to overcome all your roadblocks, doubts and fears.
  • Find Happiness and fulfillment in life
  • These are typically one-on-one sessions via phone or web meeting


Coaching Services and Courses:

The Strong Suit Consulting offers Goal-Oriented Coaching services across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and also remotely available all across Canada and the USA.

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