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    I love his mind. Rob is the most thorough thinker I've ever met. You can always hear him say 'there are 16 solutions to any problem' and with that perspective and attitude, how can you lose? It's impossible with Rob, he's all about success and if you enlist his help, he'll find a solution for you. AND, on top of that, he's always smiling, super approachable, committed to helping others and very easy to talk to - about anything. Did I mention he's a great strategist? Ok, enough, go talk to him and let him help you take a BIG step forward in your life.

    Tina M. Thomas
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    Robert has been integral in building my business over the past 5 years. He is easy going with a curious mind, always looking for outside of the box solutions and has a way of explaining  his ideas that are easy to understand.

    Thank you for always being there when I need you.

    Tina Thomas
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    Working with Rob, I've achieved challenging career objectives, improved professional and personal relationships, and found greater balance in my life.

    Rob's techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more confident and fulfilled today and every day moving forward as a result of Rob's coaching.

    Dana Oakes
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    Rob has been working along side me for the past several years. He has helped me grow my business to where it is today. He is easy to talk to, genuinely want to see you succeed and remains positive, offering solutions during the toughest of times.

    Thank you Rob for everything you have done for my business MindShift Healing! I will continue to recommend you to anyone that is looking to get moving with their business or find balance and guidance with their personal lives.

    Tina T.

    Wasaga Beach, ON

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    Excellent service!

    Rob is easy to talk to and takes the time to get to know his clients in a non-judgmental way. He's been a pleasure to work with.

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    Life Coaching

    So far the experience has been excellent. Robert has already helped me make positive changes in my life and I look forward to the next coaching session. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone.

    Tim Copeland
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    Service was outstanding. We have worked with coaches in the past that have delivered quality. We thought we had no reason to switch our services to Robert Main but we got such glowering word of mouth responses from others in our industry that we made the call. Once we established a few sessions with Robert, it was abundantly clear that he had an out of the box thinking approach that resonated with our team and has set everyone on separate paths reaching higher points of achievement we have never seen before. We thought we hit our glass ceiling with other professional coaches. Thank you Robert for your continued perspectives, insight and so much more. We couldn’t be happier with your services.

    Dr. Gina L. Trifolchy
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    Life Coaching

    After just one phone call I knew that Robert was extremely competent at what he did. I am going to go forward with this and thank him for his time today. I am so relieved I took a leap of faith today.