Busted! Don’t Believe These Life Coaching Myths!

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For both personal and professional growth, hiring a professional who can help you meet your goals and increase your productivity is viable. If you need someone who can evaluate your current goals and help you seek the right life path and purpose. 

Their guidance can help you lead a balanced life by realizing your potential to create the best version of yourself.

To help you steer clear of these misconceptions, The Strong Suit Consulting has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about life coaching.

Myth #1: Coaches aren’t well trained because the industry is not regulated

Indeed, the industry is not regulated, and the driving force behind training becomes much like any other industry where you find lots of competition. There is enough competition in the life coaching field. Reviews and recommendations will directly impact how successfully a life coach acquires new clients. As a life coach, I am in a perpetual state of Client acquisition due to my constant efforts to help my customers achieve the goals they originally came to me for. Now, this is not to imply that while we solve one issue, we don’t find another that equally requires solving. Additionally, some clients want a long-term partnership with me so that they may depend on me in case of emergencies. My goal is to get them through the program quickly while equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to advance in their careers, relationships, and lives in general without the help of a coach. I will continue receiving excellent feedback and recommendations as long as I continue to offer top-notch service and address the problems. I continue my studies like many others in the life coaching industry. We continually enroll in new courses that will make us stand out in a crowded workplace if we are good at what we do.

Myth #2: Life Coaches tell you what you already know

The reality is that most people already know the answers to most of life’s problems. The issue is that without the assistance of someone skilled in extracting them from you, you find yourself completely lost. People occasionally require some direction or validation to feel more confident in their choices. The most frequent is to look at the belief systems that one has and how they affect their decision-making. These beliefs must be examined, and if they aren’t genuinely serving your greatest and best good, they must be changed for others more suitable. Here is a good example of such a belief. I used to believe that “to make good money, you have to work hard.” So I constantly found myself in physically exhausting jobs and would turn down any opportunity that I felt didn’t fit that belief. When I changed my belief to “find passion and purpose in what you do, and success will naturally follow”, I discovered that many opportunities were a better fit for me. It took a life coach to teach me that.

Myth #3: Life coaching is a shortcut to becoming a phycologist

It is said that all psychologists have the same training as life coaches, even though they do not hold the same degree as psychologists. What does this mean? For instance, if you went to a psychologist about your professional failure, they would probably conduct much of the same Q&A sessions that a life coach would. They will also provide the same resources and angles on an issue so you can decide what has to be altered. The parallels might end there, though. In terms of mental health, a psychologist can provide more depth of understanding and even make diagnoses. However, that might be where the similarities end. In terms of mental health, a psychologist can offer more depth of understanding and even make diagnoses. However, not all clients must go to that extent. They may frequently fix their problems by taking charge of their lives with the aid of a life coach and the skills they offer.

The truth is that many psychologists hire life coaches for themselves and pay for their services. I have a psychologist as a client, and she constantly appreciates the wisdom I can provide to help her with her current problems.

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